Welcome to Johnson County Airport

We’re one of the best places to be in Tennessee.

What is it that has always drawn people to Johnson County, TN?
What drew the Cherokee, the early pioneers like Daniel Boone and settlers, both old and new?

Johnson County is the place where the sun rises first over Tennessee. Here, you can breathe easy, slow down and drink in the beauty. Here, the scenic splendor of the land rivals that of the Great Smoky Mountains, with its adventurous trails, peaceful fishing streams, and the unspoiled beauty of Watauga Lake. Here, beauty and tradition surround you. Here is the “First Light over Tennessee”.

Getting to Johnson County is easy. Nestled in the Northeast corner of Tennessee, Johnson County is a half-hour drive from Boone, NC, an hour drive from Bristol, Johnson City or Jones borough, TN, or a scenic 2-1/2 hour drive from Knoxville, Tn, Asheville or Greensboro, NC. You may also fly into the Johnson County Airport in Mountain City, a public facility perfect for small and larger planes alike.

Weather you drive in through Butler, Laurel Bloomery, Shady Valley or Trade, you will encounter scenic country roads, spectacular views, friendly people and no traffic lights until you reach Mountain City. The slow moving tempo of life here will have you relaxing in no time.
-Dick Grayson-